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What is DbTemps:
DbTemps can provide your company daily to weekly analysis and reporting at a fraction of the cost of having dedicated employees manage the same services. Because they provide similar services to other companies, there is no learning curve or timely software implementation and configuration, just your reports.

On-site or Off-Site, One Point of Contact
After an initial discussions and requirements gathering with your company's key data consumers, the professional analysts and support team at DbTemps work fast to get your reporting up and running quickly as possible. Your account is then managed by a dedicated DbTemps analyst, on-site or off-site, to ensure that you will always have one point of contact who thoroughly understands your company's reporting architecture, distribution list as well as their individual preferences.

Designed and Budgeted for "Yes"
With Data Analysis & Reporting Services providing your company with dedicated daily to weekly reporting, you will quickly see how DbTemps can cut your overhead costs by freeing up your employees to concentrate on other critical business tasks demanded of their department. Since our analysts are only supporting your reporting as needed, hours and costs are greatly reduced. Your team and company will gain actionable insights from a reporting service that is designed and budgeted for "Yes".

DbTemps Supports:
Below is a list of just a few of the many technologies that DbTemps can support.

  • Pentaho®
  • Tableau Desktop®
  • QlikView®
  • Jaspersoft®
  • Microsoft Excel®

  • Talend®

  • Microsoft SQL Server®
  • Microsoft Access®
  • Oracle®
  • Oracle MySQL®

  • Salesforce®

  • ASP/.NET
  • PHP
  • ColdFusion

  • IIS
  • Apache

Why we use it:
We do our reporting with DbTemps using Tableau.

Where to learn more:
To learn more about demo availability and pricing for DbTemps - Data Analysis & Reporting Services you can click on the following link: learn more.
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