Learn more about: ElephantDrive Cloud Based Backup and File Mgt

What is ElephantDrive:
ElephantDrive provides an enterprise-class cloud backup, storage, data and file management solution.

Continuous Off Site Backup:
The easiest way to get real protection for all your important files - we will watch for anything new or changed and keep 'em in the cloud.

Your Files Wherever You Need Them:
ElephantDrive is a simple cloud storage solution. It goes beyond backup and delivers your files Everywhere!

Secure Encrypted Storage
ElephantDrive compresses, and encrypts your files BEFORE backing them up off site. You hold the key.

Available for Mac & PC: Works great on Windows & Mac OS.

Why we use it:
When it comes to setting and configuring backup software, ElephantDrive helps you through this with their easy to use interface.

The other great thing about ElephantDrive's service, is that you pay for only what you need. For example, we use the 100GB plan - 100GB for $9.95/month - this monthly charge is discounted if you pay a year in advance.

We have this set up for our company and despite a few hiccups on our end (user error) we haven't run into any serious challenges regarding the correct way to configure and use the service.

Where to learn more:
To learn more about demo availability and pricing for ElephantDrive - Cloud Based Backup and File Management you can click on the following link: learn more.
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