What is VirtualPBX:
VirtualPBX is an internet based phone system and auto-attendant service provider. They offer a feature rich yet very inexpensive PBX (Private Branch Exchange) hosted management solution that business owners and managers can tailor to meet their specific company and employee needs.

VirtualPBX provides many PBX based services, but here is a basic step by step description.

Callers dial your company's phone Number
You can keep your existing number or get a new one from Virtual PBX. Local, toll-free, and international numbers are all available. You can have multiple numbers, and use a different greeting on each one.

Callers are greeted by a custom auto-attendant
The greeting usually includes menu options for dialing departments and/or individuals. You can also have one of your employees answer as a live operator. Greetings and system operation can be scheduled to match your business hours

Virtual PBX manages call routing through your company.
Callers select the person or department they want to reach Virtual PBX routes the call to the selected person or group. Sophisticated queuing options reduce hold times and improve efficiency.

Employees can work anywhere.
Calls can go to any kind of phone, in any location in the world. Use a VoIP phone to stop paying for expensive land lines and get more features Voice and fax messages are available online or as email attachments to your inbox.

How VirtualPBX works:

The following diagram illustrates the basic concept behind VirtualPBX’s Auto Attendant system and how Follow-Me calling works. This is just one of the many different configurations that VirtualPBX offers in their feature rich service.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how TenForTek can set up and configure your business with VirtualPBX, please contact us by dialing: 1-877-986-2446 or go to our web site at: tenfortek.com/virtualpbx

Where to learn more:
To learn more about demo availability and pricing for VirtualPBX - Internet Based Auto-Attendant and Phone System you can click on the following link: learn more.
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