Frequently Asked Questions working with TenForTek.
Do you work hourly?
Yes, we can work on an on call basis agreement with your business. There might be some initial work, such as network/VPN set up etc.
Do I have to sign up for a monthly contract?
No you don’t. We prefer that you do, however as this will keep your company information up to date in our system and provide for preferential support. A monthly plan also allows for quicker access to any possible emergencies your business may have as all set up and VPN configuration has already been established.
Do my monthly contract hours roll over to the next month?
Sorry, but we can’t do this. We only sell a limited number of monthly contracts to ensure that we can effectively and proficiently manage our client’s workload on a month/month basis. Most of our clients usually have at the least two hours per month of maintenance on a regular basis. Anything that goes over the preset amount is billed on an hour by hour basis as needed.
Can I cancel my monthly contract at any time?
Yes. We do require a 30 day notice, so that we have time to back fill the support opening. Remember we only sell a limited number of monthly support services, so as to ensure that all our clients receive the best support we can offer. Also, as these services can cover multiple business services, you can use your time for other business support needs that fall within the initial agreement.
Is there a charge to discuss where my business might need help?
No, there is no charge. We are happy to offer you a way to think through what you might need or not need business services wise. We are a small business as well, and understand that sometimes you just need a little help getting pointed in the right direction. Even if we don’t earn your business, we are happy to help where we can. You can also check our blog FeaFunBen - A Feature, Function, Benefit perspecitve for up to date tips on when working with software and hardware typically associated with a small to medium size business. You can find FeaFunBen at
Do you have a blog?
Why yes, yes we do. Feature, Function, Benefit - Tips and tricks for products and services that are great for small to medium size businesses. You can find FeaFunBen at the following URL: Feature, Function, Benefit
Where can I learn more about VirtualPBX service?
We have provided a basic diagram on how VirtalPBX's Follow-Me Call Routing works at this url ( VirtualPBX ). From our page we provided links to VirtualPBX's Web site, or you can click on the following link ( ) .
Web Support
  • Content
  • Blog Posting
  • vLog Posting
  • Pod Casting
  • Transcript
Data Support
  • Data Entry
  • Management
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • ETL
  • Temp Staffing
Business Support
  • MS Outlook 365
  • MS Excel
  • MS Windows
  • QuickBooks
  • Social Media
  • vLog Production
  • Video Production

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